Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula +
The Lucky Bitch Launch Playbook

Jeff Walker is founder of "Product Launch Formula" and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs like you make $500 million in product launches. 

Product Launch Formula (PLF) is essential for anyone considering launching a product, service or even an entire new business. Even if you do not have a business idea, the PLF is an intensive marketing system that will elevate your business. 

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Access to Product Launch Formula is only open once a year and the 2016 intake is open NOW. If you are considering purchasing PLF you can use the link on this page and when you sign up you will also receive my Bonus - "The Lucky Bitch Launch Playbook" for FREE worth $297.

The Playbook goes behind the scenes of a real life recent launch in MY business which was based on the Product Launch Formula (PLF Review Here). This was my BIGGEST LAUNCH EVER with over $750,000 in sales. This Playbook will give you priceless insight into what is working RIGHT NOW with online product launches by sharing the strategy, schedule and RESULTS from my launch. You will even get a LIVE WEBINAR with me and my hubby about our Launch to answer your questions. 

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What is Product Launch Formula?

Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to launch a product in precise detail. It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to which blog post to release when, and what to say in every email.

Click HERE for my in-depth PLF REVIEW.

With Product Launch Formula, you get video training taking you through all the steps of creating and sequencing your Product Launch. 

FREE BONUS: The Lucky Bitch Launch Playbook

Go behind the scenes of my biggest EVER launch!

If you purchase Product Launch Formula from this page, you will receive my brand NEW BONUS "The Lucky Bitch Launch Playbook" completely FREE. This is an exclusive offer only available here and is worth $297. 

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I implemented Product Launch Formula and made over $750,000 from ONE launch.

My incredible NEW "Launch Playbook" will include: 

- Launch Strategy
See how we customised and implemented PLF, our launch goals, launch story and our Pre-Launch Content.

- Pre-Launch & Email Schedule
The full Launch Calendar showing when we sent emails, social media messages, affiliate updates and how our Pre-Pre-Launch, Pre-Launch and Cart open periods tied together. 

- Affiliate Strategy 
Over a third of our revenue came from our affiliate partners, and we will share how we engaged them, kept them up to date, provided training support and why we paid out $20,000 cash in bonuses on top of their commission. 

- All Email Copy - Sales & Affiliate Emails
Our Swipe File containing every email we sent to our list and our affiliate partners during the launch. This will provide you with a framework and concrete examples of what to say and when to make sales. 

- Results & Analysis
A breakdown of what sales we made, when and from what sources. For data geeks this will blow your mind - daily average sales, when did the majority of our sales come? Full pay versus instalments? Unsubcribe rate and Facebook advertising performance. Importantly we will discuss what the numbers mean and what we would do differently!

BONUS BONUS: If you purchase PLF from this page, this week, I will also invite you to an awesome LIVE WEBINAR with me and my hubby Mark where we will answer your questions about the Launch and our experience with PLF. This unmissable call will be a private and fast paced. 

This priceless guide will give you real world insight in how to apply the lessons from Product Launch Formula and a practical example showing this WORKS!